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Are you considering becoming a professional chef right here in Florida?

There are plenty of great restaurants in Florida, and they each must have trained cooks to run their kitchens. In case you have always liked being in the kitchen, maybe you are a perfect prospect for learning to be a professional chef.

Learning to cook todayTraining to be a successful chef doesn't have to take a long commitment of time. Many of today's chefs didn't invest four years of college so they can attain a bachelor's degree. Most of them attended a culinary arts training school where they learned just what they really needed to know. Then they started out working in an externship or a job at a nice restaurant where they tried out their newly learned skills into practice.

Students who are interested in hospitality administration or operating their own restaurant or business eventually will surely profit from a bachelor's degree because of the added business and general education classes they will have. A large percentage of companies in the hospitality market want their managers to have a college degree.

The vast majority of cooking trainees don't head to Italy or France to sign up for an expensive culinary training program before they even get their first job. Seasoned chefs might sign up for advanced classes in exotic destinations after they become more trained, but beginning pupils just need to learn to perfect the essentials and start working in a real restaurant. More advanced learning could always come down the road if you choose to.

Cooking school programs are usually demonstrated in functioning kitchen classrooms that enables you to instantly implement what you learn. Some of the classes that are more theory related, such as menu planning and kitchen management, may normally be taught in a smaller classroom.

What might a person learn at culinary arts school?
You will study many unique things at a culinary arts school. In addition to mastering how to chop, peel and cut, you'll also learn how to be part of the kitchen staff. A number of the concepts you'll learn include:

• kitchen and fire safety
• food display and presentation
• using kitchen tools and knives
• pastry making
• buffet themes and techniques
• menu planning
• food costs and budgeting
• grilling
• soups, sauces and stocks
• bread making
• sanitation and food safety
• cakes and pies
• dessert making
• fruit arranging
• dealing with customers
• braising and roasting
• confections and cookies

After graduation, you could choose to specialize in pastry making, a specific type of cuisine, or even hospitality management if you determine you enjoy the element of kitchen or hotel management more than you do the actual food preparation aspect.

Many Florida cooking schools will feature a type of externship program where the school will attempt to place you inside a proper commercial kitchen where you will put your recent training and abilities to work. This externship give you you with the experience you need to place on your resume.

Your first job might be in a restaurant, resort, hotel, cruise ship or with a catering business. As you achieve experience, you will gravitate to the type of job you really like, which may be anything from being the head chef at a busy dining establishment to managing the kitchen at an establishment such as a school or hospital or even to be a personal chef for a person, family or executive members of a corporation.

Everything starts with your culinary education. And you may start right now.

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Gulf Coast State College in Panama City. Gulf Coast State offers an Associate of Science Degree in Culinary Management and an Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality Management. Besides kitchen skills training, students are taught the best practices of food purchasing, meal design, menu pricing, employee supervision, maintaining a sanitary workplace and much more. Read more about Gulf Coast State.

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